the xenoton back-catalogue - the releases

all xenoton releases are made available online

the tonAtom releases

interkosmos 09/2002 - interkosmos (tonAtom.006)

passage 03/2003 - passage (tonAtom.014)

licht 07/2004 - licht (tonAtom.037)

lifeforms 12/2006 - lifeforms (refined and redone) (tA_E_xlffrm)

cantus 02/2010 - cantus (tonAtom.106)

world 06/2013 - in a world of lights and glass (tonAtom.127)

traveller 03/2015 - traveller (tonAtom.137)

crescent 06/2020 - crescent (tonAtom.140)

a full list of xenoton music released via the tonAtom netlabel, including videos and contributions to compilations is available through the xenoton profile page hosted at the tonAtom netlabel.

the ndorphin release

seeland 08/2004 - see / land (ndn014) ZIP

this e.p. was originally released through the netlabel endorphin records as release [ndn014] in august 2004. the ndorphin netlabel has been discontinued in 2007. the release is made available HERE as a re-release with updated mp3 file information as a single ZIP file.

the clinical archives release

palatinate 08/2004 - see / land (ndn014) 04/2011 - palatinate (ca.403)