the xenoton back-catalogue - the remix releases

all xenoton releases are made available online

tonAtom release

differentlight 11/2004 - a different light (tonAtom.045)

community release

v/a - alternative lifeforms (remixes / reworks)

  • blackfish & xenoton - artificial lifeforms (black fish rmx)
  • one hit vonda & xenoton - from ishtar to venus (back to ishtar remix)
  • vast music & xenoton - myon (one type of lepton remix)
  • bluescreen & xenoton - strange planets (bluescreen remix)
  • vast music & xenoton - strange planets (synthetic stars remix)
  • store & xenoton - timeslide (wormhole mix by store)

this has never been a “real” release. all remixes/reconstructions have been contributed by these friendly artists and have been compiled after the original, physical release of the limited “lifeforms” tinbox after 1999. so there has never been a proper artwork or a sleeve design (volunteers?).

all tracks are available for download as a single ZIP file.